ProhibitionDetroit.com is a blog by local historian and author Mickey Lyons. She’s currently working on a book, tentatively titled City on a Still: Detroit During Prohibition. In the meantime, she’ll update this site with progress on the book as well as information about each historic Prohibition-era bar she encounters.


  1. Linda
    June 30

    Just read your story re Detroit’s oldest bar. Love your writing style!!

  2. Linda Weir
    January 14

    Mickey I love your site and would love the opportunity to speak to you about a tour.
    I work at Somerset collection in our Non Profit store The Detroit Shoppe.
    I have the pleasure of taking people to showcase our fabulous city. I believe we could do one education fun tour together.
    Please contact me at 248-643-6360 work

  3. NIck Cacciato
    January 22

    Joe sent me
    HI Mickey

    Having just past the anniversary date when Prohibition took effect, I thought I’d touch base with you. Last time we communicated, we were organizing a Repeal Day event. Hope all went well.

    Since then, we continue to move ahead to create the feature film, Stillwater. You had once expressed interest in screening our short film in Detroit. We are still interested in doing something like that. In March, in fact, we will begin submitting our film to festivals all over North America and Europe. In the meantime, we continue to develop the feature.

    The director, Min Bae, and I would still like to meet you, whether it be to organize such screening, or simply to pick your brain about the era.

    Hope to hear from your soon

    Nick Cacciato
    Executive Producer, Stillwater

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