Skirting the Question: Determining Detroit’s Oldest Bar

Hey folks. I promise there will be more detailed posts soon, including a catch-up on my shifts at Ye Olde Tap Room, Tommy’s Detroit Bar, and Abick’s Bar. In the meantime, here’s a piece I did for the fine folks at Model D Media. Please note that there’s a lot more to determining the provenance of old bars than meets the eye, and it’s nearly impossible to expect stellar record keeping for 100+ years.

That said, my best guess at the moment is Two Way Inn. I say this simply because the site was built AS a bar, and has, so far as we can tell, always functioned as a bar. Stonehouse and Tommy’s are technically older buildings, but if we accept the important “must have been built as a bar” criterion…then go ahead and say Two Way.

Feel free to disagree in the comments!

Here’s the article: What Exactly is Detroit’s Oldest Bar, Anyway?

See you at the bar.



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Mickey is a Detroit-based author and researcher on Detroit Prohibition history. Her upcoming book, City on a Still: Detroit During Prohibition, is in the works. In the meantime, she spends her days trudging through old bars and buildings and sifting through old newspapers.

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  1. Gary Sinar
    December 10

    Good for you Mickey, that you have found a respectable research avocation – one that really lets you “sink yourself” into your work. I am hoping that a stint in my employ did not drive you to drinking for a living.!
    Best of luck in your searches and the occasional “cold one” to help quench your thirst – for knowledge or otherwise.

    Anxious to see your book once you “belly up to the bar” with a handbook for guidance as to the best bars to “belly up to!!”

    My best,

    Gary J. Sinar

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